FAQ about DragSox

What are DragSox?

DragSox® is a power training device that is used in the water.

What can DragSox do for me?

DragSox will help you get stronger and faster as you learn how to overcome the extra drag. Using DragSox will encourage you to find the most efficient way to move through the water, enabling you to become a faster and more proficient swimmer.

What’s so cool about them?

The beauty of DragSox is in their simplicity and effectiveness. The non-invasive design allows the swimmer to maintain natural body position and balance with complete freedom of movement.

Who are DragSox for?

Anyone who wants to get stronger and faster, be more powerful and enjoys hard work. Swimmers at all levels, runners, triathletes and other athletes who do cross-training in the water.

Who uses DragSox?

Check out our testimonials page.

What strokes can you swim with DragSox?

DragSox can be used in all four strokes.

Can I use DragSox with fins?

Yes. There is an opening at the bottom that was designed specifically for this purpose.

Are DragSox similar to a parachute?

They are similar only in that they create resistance. Please read this post for in depth comparison: Swimming with Parachute vs. DragSox

Are DragSox similar to fins?

No. They are the opposite of fins. Please read this post for more information: DragSox are the opposite of Fins.

Are DragSox similar to Power tower?

Please check this diagram for more information: DragSox® vs. Power tower.

What do you really think about DragSox?

DragSox is the best power training device on the market for swimmers! Seriously, as swimmers, we have tried all kinds of power training gear and none are as effective and as fun to use as DragSox. We have been training with DragSox for a few years now but still, every time we do a workout with them, we get an unbelievable sense of satisfaction!

Where can I buy DragSox?

You can buy them from our online store: http://store.aquavolo.com.