Five Things to Keep in Mind about DragSox


DragSox offer significant advantage over existing power training devices in effectiveness, cost and/or ease of use.

Please read these post for more information:

Compatibility with your existing training method.

DragSox are compatible with your existing training method. If you use kick boards, fins, paddles and/or any power training device, DragSox will fit right in and will bring variety to your training.


It's very simple to use DragSox. There is no learning curve.

Try them

If you are a coach and would like to try DragSox before buying them, please send us an email: In addition, if your club is located in the Bay Area, you can request a demo workout and AquaVolo will come to your home pool and, together with your coach, perform a DragSox training demo session for up to 25 swimmers at a time.

Check them out

As a novel device, DragSox can be difficult to imagine. Check them out, see them in action:

  • watch videos on our site;

  • observe teams who use DragSox (a limited list of team names is shown on our Community page);

  • request a DragSox demo if your team is in the Bay Area.