It Takes Time

We recently got an email from Maurice Keating, Head Coach at Pack Swim Team in Pittsford, NY who said: "We have used the DragSox for two months now and I can honestly say they have helped us immensely. I have used them on my senior national qualifier every day and she has gone a lifetime best in two months!" This is really the best kind of news that we could hear, but it also highlights an important lesson for athletes and users of DragSox: it takes time.

It takes time to improve technically, to increase endurance, to get faster and stronger. We have been selling DragSox for about 7 months now and this kind of feedback has started coming in. We are hearing more and more from people who have put in laps in the pool, who have integrated this strength-training device into their routines and they are seeing the results. It takes time, but it's sure exciting to see improvement!