Leslie Livingston - Masters World Record Holder

Swimmingworld.com had a great interview with Leslie Livingston. She talks about the type of training she had done to win her first long course Masters world record title. What do you think she credits as the main contributor to her success? That's right, it's the kick!

As we have said it so many times in our posts, kicking is the key in swimming (assuming your technique is right, of course). The reason we invented DragSox was to make swimmers' kick fast and powerful. After training consistently with DragSox for 9 months all of us at AquaVolo (and our friends) have experienced dramatic improvement in kicking. In addition, we started to receive emails from teams that have been using DragSox in the last few months and they all see the same thing: improvement in kicking, which translates to faster swimming overall.

So, if you want to improve your kick and swim faster, give DragSox a chance. If you don't mind hard training in order to achieve high results, I guarantee you will love training with DragSox!