Michael Osborne - Warrior Aquatic Club

Breaststroke with DragSox

DragSox and BR fins with Thorlo athletic socks under the BR fins:

25 BR kick (recovery) on the back (kicking right leg, left leg, both legs) is usually on :50 to 1:00

We will do:

25 BR kick + 25 BR kick on back (see above), 25 on front is on :25
50 BR kick + 25 BR kick on back, 50 is on :55 or 1:00
75 BR kick + 25 BR kick on back, 75 is on 1:25
100 BR kick + 25 BR kick on back, 100 is on 1:50
and we will repeat this once or twice

Here is a whole “pre-set” using fins and DragSox:

8 x 25 BR with dolphin kick, on :30
4 x 25 dolphin kick on :30
8 x (:20 vertical dolphin kick + :20 rest) alternate thumbs up (above the surface)/thumbs down (only the thumbs are in the water – rest of the arms are out)
4 x 25 BR with dolphin kick on :30
6 x dolphin kick rockets (shoot off the bottom of the pool–12 feet deep–in a streamline) have to watch for sensitive ears on this one due to water pressure
6 x 25 BR with 2-BR kicks/1-pull, on :30

Underwater BR kick relays across the pool (20 yards) – try no breathing (for age group)

Warrior Aquatic Club

Head Coach: Michael Osborne