Sensory Mitts: Try Before You Buy

About a year ago we launched the Try Before You Buy program which allows any US-based swim club to try DragSox® before buying them. Six months later we expanded the program to include VoloBlades in the US and Try Before You Buy DragSox in Europe. Today, we are expanding the Try Before You Buy program yet again. As of today, any US-based swim club can try Sensory Mitts before buying them.

What are Sensory Mitts?

Sensory Mitts are an incredibly effective tool at stimulating sensory receptors during the swim. Through the increased sensory stimulation during the swim, the swimmer makes an association between the flow of the water and a particular stroke, resulting in an acute feel for water. For more information, read this post.

What is the difference between Sensory Mitts and Sensory Mitts Jr.?

Sensory Mitts were originally designed for college swimmers. Based on feedback from coaches, we designed a smaller version of Sensory Mitts that are a better fit for age group and college swimmers with smaller hands. We call this smaller version Sensory Mitts Jr.

How does the Try Before You Buy program work?

  1. A head coach of any official US-based swim club requests via email up to 6 pairs of trial Sensory Mitts, Sensory Mitts Jr., or a combination of both and pays for shipping.

  2. AquaVolo ships the 6 pairs of trial Sensory Mitts with a prepaid return envelope.

  3. The coach uses the trial Sensory Mitts for up to two weeks with his/her team.

  4. At the end of the two-week trial, the coach can either:

    • Return the Sensory Mitts in the prepaid envelope;
    • Keep the Sensory Mitts and pay the remaining balance.

More details and requirements

The head coach of any US-based swim club can request the trial Sensory Mitts from this form: Try Before You Buy Sensory Mitts. We will ship the trial Sensory Mitts as soon as we receive the request and the payment for round-trip shipping ($14.20).

The day before the end of the two-week trial period, the coach will receive a reminder from us. After the trial is up, the coach will have one week to return the trial Sensory Mitts to AquaVolo. If the coach decides to keep the trial Sensory Mitts, his/her credit card will be charged the remaining balance. This charge will occur automatically one week after the end of the trial period. The remaining balance will be calculated as follows:

  • $161.7- retail price of 6 pairs of Sensory Mitts,
  • -$16.17 - 10% team discount, which leaves
  • $145.53 - total cost of 6 pairs of Sensory Mitts after discounts.

If the coach decides to return the Sensory Mitts, the coach will put them in the prepaid return envelope and give it to their local postal carrier or drop it off at the local Post Office. There will be no need to wait in line because the envelope is prepaid.

The goal of this program is to let the teams that haven’t tried Sensory Mitts yet experience the value of Sensory Mitts before paying for them. This program couldn’t be possible if we didn’t believe in incredible effectiveness of Sensory Mitts. We want you to experience it as well!

The Small Print

We assume that people will be using trial Sensory Mitts with the same care and consideration that they would normally apply. Please follow the care instructions for all of your Sensory Mitts—trial versions or otherwise.

The Form

The form to order Try Before You Buy has the following sentence: "recurs monthly starting in 24 days for 1 period." This just means that you will be charged once if you keep the Sensory Mitts. We give 3 days to ship to you, 14 day trial period, and an additional 7 days for you to return the Sensory Mitts to AquaVolo = 24 days.