Soxtember 2019

I just finished reading Chuck Warner’s book about the Legendary U.T. Austin coach, Eddie Reese, Eddie Reese: Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life. There’s a fantastic chapter on training that mentions “Socktember.” We’re not quite sure of the particulars, but this has inspired us to create our own Soxtember—training with DragSox every day for the month of September.

These were my take-aways from the book and chapter:

  • Humor. Eddie Reese injected humor before and during his practices.
  • Novelty. Eddie Reese never repeated the same practice. According to the book, “His adjustments daily, weekly, and seasonally are a key part of his coaching genius.” (page 110)
  • New School. Eddie Reese abandoned the old school method of driving swimmers so hard that for four to five months they were slow and tired. Instead, he created a seasonal plan that focused on making swimmers faster and stronger. His Soxtember was part of this approach.

Our goal is to integrate these themes during Soxtember. We will time our 100 all-out kick prior to starting our month of swimming with DragSox and after. Our hope is that we will see improvement by the end of Soxtember.

We will post all of our sets on our blog and on our Twitter account #Soxtember. Tag your sets to join the fun.