The Beauty of VoloBlades

VoloBlades are unique. Unlike traditional swim paddles, VoloBlades shift the point of force down to the lower part of the palm which:

  • Encourages high elbow catch allowing for better anchoring,
  • Generates significantly more power during the pull phase by recruiting bigger muscle groups such as lats and core.
  • Reduces stress on the shoulders.

Sometimes it's useful to use analogies when describing something innovative so let's try this:

Imagine pulling yourself up onto the deck from the deep end of the pool. You do it by placing both hands on the deck and pushing down on the lower parts of the palm. It happens automatically. Without much thinking, you assume a position that will generate the most power in order to pull yourself up onto the deck. You use the bigger group muscles - lats. Now, imagine doing the same but this time shifting the point of force up towards your fingers and you will have a much harder time. It's harder because this time you are using your shoulder muscles which are not as big and powerful as your lats. You know this without thinking and so you use your lats and push down on your lower palm. VoloBlades is similar in that they help you use your larger muscle groups for more power. Swimming with VoloBlades capitalizes on your body's natural tendency for efficiency.

Another analogy is using an ab wheel during dryland training. In order for you to roll all the way out, you have to push down on the handle with the lower part of your palms. By pushing down with the lower palm, you are recruiting your lats and core muscles. You do this without thinking, but if you try pushing down with your middle or upper part of the palm, it will be virtually impossible to roll all the way out. The automatic, natural position is the most efficient, with the force being generated on the lower palm. Just as in the previous example, VoloBlades follow the body's natural inclination for efficiency and strength by utilizing the lats and core muscles.

The beauty of VoloBlades is that they use the body's natural tendencies and enhance them. Swimming with VoloBlades helps build strength in the lats and core while protecting the shoulders.