Tyler McGill’s Workouts and a Sample Set with DragSox

I have always found it very inspiring to see workouts of top athletes and coaches. Most of the workouts that we do ourselves at AquaVolo are, in fact, adapted from coaches such as Dave Salo, David Marsh, Brett Hawke, Gennadi Touretski, David Durden and many, many others great coaches and swimmers. (It’s a long list!)

Recently I discovered Tyler McGill’s* blog which I would like to recommend as a source of creative workouts and unique perspective on swimming. Even though his blog is only a few months old, there is no lack of valuable advice. For example, the three part series titled “So you want to get faster…” has great tips on how to get faster, such as how to reach your goals. It’s helpful advice from someone who obviously knows his swimming.

In addition to tips and advice, Tyler also shares some of his workouts (see below for a creative DragSox set). His workouts are pretty tough for the mere mortals, but they give you an idea of how you can add variety to your workouts.

DragSox sets from Tyler McGill:

Two Rounds:

  • 3x 50 Kick with DragSox @1:30
  • 3x 50 Swim DPS with DragSox @1:00
  • 1 minute rest
  • 25! Kick @:30
  • 50! Kick @:60
  • 75! Kick @1:30
  • 100!Kick @2:00
  • 6x 50 25 one breath max / 25 Drill (build) @:55
  • 6x 25 odd- body position drill
  • even - Technique drill
  • 1 minute rest
  • 6x 25

1-4 with drag socks trying to go 100 feel, 5&6 take the DragSox off and hit 100 pace and feel.

To read the full workout, please go to Tyler McGill’s blog.

*If you are new to swimming and/or have been living under a rock for the past 5 years: Tyler McGill is a 2012 Olympic gold medalist.