VoloBlades and DragSox Review

Technical review of VoloBlades and DragSox by Coach Adam Cremieux of Westmont Swim Club:

We got a chance to try out the Voloblades and ZB weights last night and I have to say they are by far the best paddles on the market. You are exactly right about the paddles taking pressure off the shoulder. On your website you talked about how when you push down with the fingers you engage the shoulder and when you push down with your palms you engage the tricept and Latts and your paddles are the first ones that allow a swimmer to press down with the palms and not the fingers. In the past I have never allowed my swimmers to use paddles unless they where doing drill sets or easy swimming because they always place too much pressure on the shoulder. I taped our swimmers underwater using the Voloblades and you can see their tricept engage, then the latt, and then down to the core as they swam easy across the pool. Also we love the ZB weights, it's amazing how you found a way to only add weight above the water. We will be buying more soon.

In regards to the dragsox, we've tried everything we could think of to increase our power of our kick from, fins, zoomer, power towers, parachutes and med balls and nothing matches the drag sox. Everything we've tried alwasy had a set back from loss of technique or wasn't efficient enough for a large group."

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